Alpine snowboarding…it’s not just for racers!

YYZCANUCK Inc. was founded in 2003 by me, Dave Morgan, as a sole proprietorship and then changed to corporation status in 2004. This company was started because of my love for alpine snowboarding and the difficulty I faced trying to find equipment in Canada.

From the start, our first goal was to provide alpine snowboarding equipment to both alpine racers and freecarvers. Our second goal was to increase interest in alpine snowboarding as a mainstream sport, “not just for racers.” Since that first season of business, we have been building a strong customer base of individuals, dealers, race teams, coaches.

Today, the daily business matters are handled primarily by Andrea with me lending a hand on technical issues that may arise. Together, we continue to promote YYZCANUCK Inc. ensuring it will grow to be one of the most reliable and accessible places for you to go for all your alpine snowboarding needs in Canada.

Andrea & Dave

Alpine snowboarding specialists extraordinaire!